Private Lactation Stations Facilitating Public Breastfeeding

PUMP recognizes that public breastfeeding is a sensitive issue. For this reason, we help equip companies with private lactation stations that respect the needs of mothers and occupants alike. From our headquarters in San Diego County we help the nation understand the importance of breastfeeding in today’s society.

Finding Compromise

All too often, breastfeeding mothers are ejected from public spaces for breastfeeding. In response, our organization builds lactation stations in malls, airports, schools, restaurants, stores, and other public places for mothers to provide for the children in peace.

Built for Your Business

No matter your establishment, we offer completely customizable lactation stations that fit your building. These private areas include options like sinks, changing tables and hooks.


  • 2″ / 4″ Thick Wall System
  • Mobile and Portable
  • Durable Vinyl Clad Hardboard Wall Construction
  • Resembles Typical Stud and Gypsum Construction
  • No Patching or Painting!
  • Additional Facings Including Vinyl Clad Gypsum
  • Excellent Sound Value
  • Wall Heights Up To 12 ft
  • Lactating room door sizes available in 2668 & 3068.
  • Clear Satin Structural Anti-Rust/Corrosion Frame System
  • Large Color Selection
  • 100% Re-Usable, 100% Re-configurable
  • Can Be Engineered To Meet Your Local Building Codes for Permitting
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

Our modular building systems can quickly and efficiently produce lactating rooms that are private, lockable, insulated, and comfortable. Unlike traditional construction, our modular walls are manufactured in a factory and then installed at your business for maximum convenience. You won’t have to worry about messy and time-consuming on-site construction with its patching and painting. On top of that, our modular walls are well-insulated for maximum privacy.

We offer accessories to make your lactating room as private and comfortable for your employees as possible. We offer indicator privacy locks, optional clothes hooks, comfortable furniture, integrated electrical with power sockets for lights and electrical pumps, and more. Our modular walls install easily and conveniently; right when the walls go up your lactating / lactation room is ready for use, hassle-free! We also offer multiple styles and finishes to suit your business.

Improving Relations

Lactation stations show that you are family-friendly, and employees are able to return to work earlier when they know their workspace accommodates them. Best of all, these affordable rooms provide a private place for new mothers to give nutrition to their babies. Establishing a lactation station proves you are abiding by federal/state laws. We work with you to build stations that suit your employees, and your budget. In the long run, a lactation station improves employee morale, productivity, and builds trust within the community.