Our Mission Statement

PUMP leads the way for creating solutions for mothers to breastfeed or pump in private and clean space.

Who We Are

PUMP is a consulting firm that specializes in facilitating relationships between business owners and nursing mothers while providing professional and quality services. We are breaking ground in an industry that has shown high demand for mothers across the nation with a need for private places to both breastfeed and pump.

The Federal Public Breastfeeding Law supports a woman’s right to breastfeed her child at any location in a federal building or on federal property. State laws are also in place for supporting mothers breastfeeding their children in any location. Lactation stations in public or private spaces help with the public’s awareness and perception of breastfeeding.

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Lactation stations have been a success in the Pentagon and other federal agencies within the past 25 years. The need to pump and store breast milk at work has increased due to awareness for of women in the workplace. Breastfeeding is being encouraged by within healthcare agencies, but there are not enough private places provided to support the mother after she decides to breastfeed, whether at work or in public industries.

In response, PUMP specializes in providing private spaces for breastfeeding mothers, while also facilitating relationships between business owners and nursing mothers. PUMP has two distinct customer groups—business owners, and employers with lactating employees. PUMP provides businesses with information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, the need for private accommodation, and acceptance for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. Increasing the public’s awareness takes time, and , as a service, PUMP increases the number of outlets for mothers to breastfeed in private.

Future of PUMP

PUMP fits well within the industry due to the limited number of private spaces in the workplace and businesses across the nation. An increased number of lactation stations in the workforce and market allows mothers to return to work early after childbirth. As a result, companies face fewer instances of absenteeism, which results in higher productivity.

We work closely with you to fit your needs and budget; while also, adding dignity for your customers and creating a family-friendly image within the community.


Finding Compromise All too often, breastfeeding mothers are ejected from public spaces for breastfeeding. In response, our organization builds lactation stations in schools, malls, airports, fairs, restaurants, libraries, and other public places for mothers to provide for their children in peace.