About the Founder of People Understanding Moms Pumping (PUMP)

Our founder, Veronda Powell, worked for Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon for over 15 years. She served as the Pentagon Nursing Mother Program Manager, assisting other agencies with establishing their own program. During this time, the program became one of the federal government’s models.

For her efforts, the Department of Defense presented Veronda with a Certificate of Appreciation for managing and expanding the Mark Center’s Nursing Mother’s Program.

Founding of PUMP

The idea for a breastfeeding consultancy originated from the difficulty mothers’ can experience when attempting to breastfeed in public spaces. Many times they are asked to leave or to nurse their child in a restroom. Additionally, many working mothers have been asked to express their breast milk in restrooms and have often been reprimanded for taking the time away from their workspace. PUMP’s goal is to help resolve these issues between employers, employees, and customers.

PUMP facilitates relationships between new clients and the consultant firm. Small and medium businesses often need professional services to coordinate the installation of lactation centers, but are not willing to hire full-time employees to meet the need. Therefore, our focus is to evaluate each business’s unique needs and develop solutions to any perceived issues.