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Lactation Room Consultancy. Mothers deserve to provide their children with breast milk in a private, respectful setting. We offer lactation stations for breastfeeding mothers all over the nation. Our company strives to accommodate every workspace or public area with a designated custom designed lactation room where mothers can either breastfeed their children or pump and store breast milk for later use.

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PUMP is a breastfeeding support firm in San Diego County that specializes in providing private lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers. We work closely with you to fit your needs and budget, while also adding more value for your customers and employees. As a family-owned-and-operated business with more than 10 years of experience, we care about the well-being of children—and the privacy and comfort of their parents.

While great strides have been made to educate the public on the importance of breastfeeding, efforts to establish dedicated spaces for mothers have been lacking. We provide private accommodations for mothers to care for their children. As a member of The Breastfeeding Coalition, we are formally recognized pioneers of this forward-thinking initiative.

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